“Pic et Colegram” is an association created in 2007 in a small town in the south of France. Its mission is to develop the availability of culture and the performing arts for small children and their family through workshops around songs, nursery rhymes, and popular or traditional hand games.

Truly nurturing for the creative mind, these workshops are held regularly at the headquarters of the association, now located in Montpellier, France, and on demand in other places concerned with culture or small children.

Songs are used as a catalyst for bonding, transmission and exchange between the artists, the children and the families. This is about bringing pleasure and curiosity to the children while allowing the accompanying adults to share a sensitive moment with the little ones.

After several years of local action, of work with and for young children, and of research, “Compagnie Pic et Colegram” was born in 2013 for the new and upcoming musical creation geared towards a very young audience : “ZouiBap”.

Tout Pareil !” is the company’s second show for a very young audience, created in 2016.

The artists of these two creations for a very young audience, Sarah Hassler and Marou Thin, are dedicated to writing for the smallest of ears, pushing further and further in their search for musical authenticity and precision of sounds. Fostered by the awe shared with a very young spectator, their work is anchored in the children’s creative and expressive world and aims at simple and bare aesthetics to keep but the essential: the pleasure of sharing a sensitive human moment.